Care Control and Reverse your Diabetes with personalized care based on your own very Blood glucose data!

Measure your sugar levels and enter in the daily records.We will analyse the readings and correlate with your Diet, Activity and Medication input. A personalized recommendation and support will help you have much better control over your blood sugar or even reverse your type 2 Diabetes.

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Create your profile with key indicators - Diet, physical activity and medication details. Measure the sugar levels at predetermined time intervels and enter the value in the form.


The intelligent bot will analyse the data and provide useful feedback . The Bot will assist you at every step leading to better care and control of your diabetes .This bot will actively help plan how you could reverse your Diabetes or minimize your dependence on medication .

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Get recommendation and prompts to create your Exercise, Diet, Medication Regime. The reports will be cross validated,shared with your doctor for his/ her expert opinion

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Central blood pressure is the pressure in the aorta, the largest artery that originates from the heart. Central blood pressure measurement may better correlate with cardiovascular risk than upper arm blood pressure measurement because the aorta is more close to the heart and brain, the most vital organs of the body.

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We are reaching out to you with great features which will help you reverse Diabetes ,using Al based chatbot intervention supported by Strong data Anlytics Platform.


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Installing this App can help you or your dear one's life affected by Diabetes. Trust us Diabetes is completedly reversible if we systematically track, set goals, control our Diet and practice healthy lifestyle. Download now, make the difference, its Free.

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